Working in insurance at large brokerages and national carriers, we always talked about bringing value to our customers. Truthfully though, it was really hard to find what that was. Small businesses were treated like larger businesses in terms of time and process, but they weren't able to take advantage of the benefits larger customers enjoyed.

We knew there had to be a better way. We started with a simple question- what's important to small business owners? If we were going to solve a problem, we better know the question. We sat with businesses in our communities, and we met with national associations and consultants. Then we narrowed the vision: 3 things would change the way small businesses bought insurance. First, we needed to be fast. Days or weeks to buy insurance isn't going to cut it any longer. Second, we are going to have to be more transparent than any agency before us. You'll know you are getting the best value, because you’ll see all the options, not just what an agent wants you to see. And finally we need to bring technology to the small business world. Small business owners work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they work from their laptops, tablets, and phones. So does Talage.™

Then we needed people. Good people. We brought in people with experience at national consulting firms and scrappy Silicon Valley start-ups. We found developers who designed and built great user experiences, and people who knew cyber security. If we were going to earn your trust, we needed to be the best.

Talage™ is the insurance agency the way it always should have been. We don't sell anything, but we give you the tools and knowledge to buy the best policy for your business, because nobody knows your business better than you. Welcome to the digital agency, welcome to Talage™.